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A-Rab is a member of the Jets in West Side Story.


A-Rab was born November 5th 1940. He was son to Julie and Marcus Winters. Julie was a drunk and called Nick a mistake while his father tried to be a good parent but his crime lord persona never gave A-Rab the right life he needed. Most of the time, the little father-son bonding time was him packaging goods with his father. One night while they were doing that, another rival crime lord happening to be from the opposing gang “The Emeralds” broke down the door and Ruggeri hid in the bathroom. He heard a gunshot and like that his father was gone.

After his father passing, his grades slipped. He began to skip school and his A’s and B’s averages turned to C’s. He also got into smoking. One day when roaming the streets he saw a kid from the apartment complex right next to his. He was attempting to cage a rabbit. Nick never knew anything on how to do this but he gave it a shot anyways. He caught it and the boy John nicknamed him “Rabbit”. John and Nick became very good friends and he was like a brother to him. They met some kids who used to go to his school, Tony and Riff, and along with Baby John and himself, they formed the Jets. They were catching traction and soon it was the most popular gang in New York. His new nickname was A-Rab, keeping the Rabbit from Baby John and the A was because of the apartment complex he lived in. A girl wanted to join named Anybodys but they would consistently kick her out because she didn’t fit in with the boys in the gang

They took down plenty of gangs including the Emeralds which he had wanted revenge for the killing of his father. When “The Sharks” came to town, he thought this would be a cake-walk. He soon realized, they were no joke and he wanted revenge on their leader, Bernardo for jumping him one day. Eventually there is a big rumble where Bernardo and Riff lose their lives. A-Rab and Baby John are the two Jet gang members that comfort Maria after Tony's killing. Taking Riff as a life lesson, A-Rab decides to re-enroll in school to continue life and become a pharmacist since he was always interested in medicine. He continues on in his life after “The Jets” are disbanded. He would later die on July 19th, 2001.

update : after a few years , a-rab came out as homiesexual

David Winters as A-Rab (1961)