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"I'm very large with shadows, y'know.. I can slip in an' out of 'em like wind through a fence." - Anybodys

Anybodys is a minor character in West Side Story. The character is loosely based on Balthasar in Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet; Balthasar was a servant and informant for Romeo.


Anybodys is a female that identifies more with the boys so wants to be in the Jets gang. In the 1961 film they are depicted as more of a tomboy. They often tag along with the Jets even though most of them, especially A-Rab and Baby John, don't like them or want them around. They fancy themself to be tough and scrappy and, like Action, is quick to fight with anyone who insults them, Despite their repeated pleas to be made a member of the Jets, Riff always refused and sent them away because of the mere fact that they were born female.

After Riff is killed at the rumble, Anybodys takes it upon themself to go undercover for the Jets, hiding in the shadows and infiltrating Sharks territory. When they tell Action about Chino's intention to shoot and kill Tony, the Jets all split up and search for him. When Anybodys asks what they can do to help, Action advises they go back into the shadows in the hope that they’ll find Tony in one of them. Action officially makes Anybodys a Jet and accepts them when he tells them "Ya done good, Buddy boy."

Susan Oakes as Anybodys (1961)