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Baby John (played by Spencer Wattay)

Baby John "Johnny Feld" (Spencer Wattay) was the youngest member of the Jets and grew up in middle-class poverty. Baby John was a light-hearted soul and doesn't tend to get involved in gang activity. He is a 13 year old born October 27th 1944. His mother and father wanted him to lead a good life but the gang really reeled him in. Baby John is one to give up easily and is often getting into fights with Anybody's.

In 1949, at age 5, he met Dalton. A 10 year old and seemed as a brother figured to him and he was always trapping bunnies when thats when he called Dalton, A-Rab. A-Rab and Johnny met a man named Action in 1951 and eventually in 1954, they started a gang called the Jets. The Jets clobbered the Emeralds in 1955 and in 1956 were entending to beat another rival PR gang named "The Sharks."

The gang wants to engage in action with the Sharks but Baby John is always hesitant on causing war and thats why Doc likes Baby John so much since he doesn't start fights like his brotherin. Baby John notices Tony dead one night with A-Rab and helps confort Maria to her knees. He feels really bad and continues on his life knowing that Tony won't be in it.