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Big Deal is a member of the Jets in West Side Story.

Anthony 'Scooter' Teague as Big Deal (1961)


Big Deal was born September 23rd 1941. He is now 15 during the events that happened in the story line. Big Deal is known as an arrogant person and so at 10 he and Diesel nicknamed him "Big Deal" since he was always making a Big Deal out if himself.

Growing up as a child Big Deal seemed to always find himself in trouble. His mother got him a job at the mechanic's shop. At this shop he met Diesel, a mechanic who was 12 at the time who was always covered in something whether it be covered with dirt or oil. Big Deal was a very rambunctious child when he met Tony and Riff in 1955. They were apart of the Jets. Big Deal often is seen getting in the most fights and is always hurt. He never gives up, even if it means taking his life.