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"Man, you wanna get past the cops when they start askin' about tonight? Ya play it cool. Ya wanna live in this lousy world? Play it cool." - Ice to the Jets after Riff's death

Ice is a member of the Jets in movie and screenplay.


Tucker Smith as Ice (1961)

Ice is Riff's right-hand-man. (In the musical, Diesel serves this role)

Since Ice was the oldest he took command after Riff's death, everyone mainly agrees with his leadership except for Action since he feels he should be leader. (In the stage show, Action takes over as leader when Riff dies). He died with his wife, Graziella, on a plane to LA for their 37th anniversary during 9/11


  • In the 1961 film, "Ice" was another name for the character Diesel but in the 2021 film they were two separate characters.