Mouthpiece is a Jet played by Harvey Hohnecker

Mouthpiece's name is a common noun which means a thing designed to be put in or against the mouth. Mouthpiece was among the first jets to rescue Baby john, along side Action,A-rab,Ice and Big Deal. he also wondered where Riff is gonna find Bernardo and Baby john replies to him that it ain't safe to go to PR territory. During the Gee Officer Krupke song he does some opera witch shows Harvey's skill at singing, I believe Mouthpiece is Irish in my opinion. When Baby John and A-rab form up with the group Grazziela starts sobbing over Riff's death and Mouthpiece is there to comfort her and he dances with her during the cool sequence along with Snowboy and Tiger. When Ice leaves to check the back alleys again Anita, Bernardo's GF comes into DOC'S DRUG STORE to talk to Doc,the owner then they attempt to rape her until Doc comes back from the bank to save her. He feels guilty for what he has done after Tony's death along with all the JETS and SHARKS.

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