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One Hand, One Heart is a song performed by Maria and Tony in the musical West Side Story.

In the 1961 film, it is performed by Marni Nixon and Jimmy Bryant (singing voice), and Natalie Wood and Richard Beymer (spoken voices).


Tony (spoken): I Anton, take thee Maria.

Maria (spoken): I Maria, take thee Anton.

Tony (spoken): For richer for poorer,

Maria (spoken): In sickness and in health,

Tony (spoken): To love and to honor,

Maria (spoken): To hold and to keep,

Tony (spoken): From each sun to each moon,

Maria (spoken): From tommorrow to tomorrow,

Tony (spoken): From now, to forever,

Maria (spoken): Till death do us part.

Tony (spoken): With this ring, I thee wed.

Maria (spoken): With this ring I thee wed.

Tony (sung): Make of our hands one hand, make of our hearts one heart, make of our vows one last vow, only death will part us now.

Maria (sung): Make of our lives one life, day after day, one life.

Both (sung): Now it begins, now we start One Hand, One Heart; Even death won't part us now.



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