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Snowboy is a member of the Jets in West Side Story.


Snowboy is a member of the Jets. He was born July 24th 1942 making him 14 during the time of the play. Snowboy was always known as a religious bible-thumper. His mother had always told him not to become involved into any gang behavior. Obviously his mother told him numerous times not to do any rebellious activity.

In 1954, him and his mother stopped by Otto's Mechanics and there he met Diesel and Big Deal. They had told him how the gang they just joined and they think he should join. The only way they got him to join was for Diesel to sort of gaslight Snowboy's pure soul. The Christian in his body left. He ended up joining without his mother's approval.

Eventually she caught wind and told him to stay in the house but often times he would sneak out to try to see the gang. In this case, she would never find out since he was always back in bed by the time that he woke up that next morning.

During the course of the day, Snowboy would be seen making racist remarks to the Sharks and trying to be a smart-ass wisecrack of the group or sort of narrator of what was going on. One day he stepped into the wrong circle and watched Riff, Bernardo and Tony all die in the same night within hours of each other. He decided to become back into the Christian faith and continued his life as that.

When he became 31 in 1973, he started his job as a priest, devoting all his life to god. He traveled the world and held mass every Sunday like he never missed. He was the final member of the original Jets to still be alive. JJ or Snowboy would be the final one of the group to be alive and at the ripe age of 98, on June 27th 2040, he passed due to old age.