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Tiger is a member of the Jets in West Side Story.


Tiger was a very strong and tough boy and started puberty at the age of 6. His real name is David and teachers judged him for his name until they actually met him. At 10 tiger went into a school at and met a man named Harvey, a Jewish/Irish boy that was 2 years younger than him (tiger was born 1941 which means he would be 15 during the events in west side story) he and Harvey soon became friends and the Serbian strong boy loved wearing striped everything even boxers. When his dad left for the Mafia he moved in with Harvey Honicher and soon learned the Jewish religion. Harvey used to be part of the hawks a rival gang of Jews but later joined the jets and was soon named Mouthpiece. They ruled the streets and everyone respected them. David soon got the nick name tiger because of his striped clothes and hairy arms. After riff died in 1956 tiger was among the jets who tried to stop action and joyboy from killing the sharks because he was already going through a hard time in his life. After the jets departed tiger went on to be a lower class citizen and died 2002 due to cancer