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Velma (Emily Anderson) was born May 29th 1940. She is a rich girl who tends to hang out with a lot of the Jet girls.

Velma was born into royalty. However she really never cared about social status. She uses her father’s social connections to help the Jets.

In 1953 she met a man named Riff who enchanted her with his flirting. Riff and Velma were dating within a month.

In 1954 they formed the Jets with Tony. The more and more traction and the more and more gangs they fought, the reputation grew.

In 1956, she and Graziella witness Riff’s death and she was heartbroken for around a month. By 1967 she had forgotten. She formed a relationship and married gang partner Mouthpiece. They had 4 kids. A son, named Riff, twins of opposite gender Mary and Clark, an a final son Sonny. They divorced and she unfortunately only met the grandkids of Mary named; Joe, John and Judy. In 2004 she unfortunately died from breast cancer